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160 Serving Chocolate Milk Bucket

$160.00 $140.00
160 Serving Chocolate Milk Bucket

Dry Powdered Milk Supply of 160 Food Storage Servings

Legacy Food Storage can help with the daunting task of supplying your family with dried storage foods and drink powders in case of an emergency. Determine your food storage needs with the calculator on buyemergencyfoods.com and build up your supply with delicious, simple-to-prepare dried foods and powdered drinks by Legacy Premium. Enjoy huge savings with rock-bottom prices, the lowest in the business. Stock up on powdered milk and other food storage necessities.

Use dry powdered milk many ways; it will be a great addition to your food storage supply. Use milk powder alone, on cereal or with Legacy’s delicious oatmeal or creamy wheat. Powdered milk works great in dried food storage mixes, smoothies and anything that calls for milk. With a dried food storage supply of 160 powdered servings your family will be able to enjoy milk for a long time. Make the most important meal of the day count with the vital nutrients milk powder provides.

Get prepared with Legacy Premium powder drinks and food storage. Dried storage foods are sealed in Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush to ensure the supply’s 25-year duration. Dry milk powder and other dried storage foods are stored in heavy-duty buckets for several reasons: buckets are good for quick portability, stackable for compact storage and helpful in keeping light, air and pests away from your food supply.