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Bark River Knives Bravo 1.5

$345.95 $295.95
Mil-Spec camo G-10 handles. 10 7/8" overall. 5 3/4" CPM-S35VN stainless blade with thumb ridge. Full extended tang with lanyard slot. Brown leather belt sheath.

The Bark River Knives Bravo-1.5 is a new and heavily requested version of the Bravo-1. The blade has been lengthened to 5.8 inches long with no other real changes to the original knife. This new longer blade really does add a new dimension to the usefulness of the knives of this Series. The added forward balance is very comfortable in use and does not impair the knife from accomplishing all of the tasks that the original Bravo-1 does so well. A lot of folks asked us to make this longer version. This model is in our Standard A-2 tool steel that is proven to have great edge holding with plenty of toughness. The sheath is actually the very same as standard sheath for the Bravo-1 but it is lengthened for the longer blade and has solid rivet reinforcement at the mouth.

This knife comes in both S35VN and CPM 3V. CPM 3V is an easily sharpened, resistant, professional grade steel that is guaranteed to give you years of worry-free usage, and S35VN is an attractive, chip-resistant, and very tough stainless steel that will give you countless hours of performance with no worries. This is a very impressive knife in the field use. You will find this one of the most useful knives you can add to your field kit. This knife is supplied with the Bravo 1.5 Sheath. However, it can also be matched with the Special Hunting sheath.