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    • The P12GT serves well as a visual impairment tool, impact tool, force multiplier, and a natural extension tool for hooking, locking and grappling techniques. 

      These lights have been approved for personal defense use by Survitac. They all have a large enough size to grasp firmly, with at least a half-inch of the light protruding from each side of your fist. 

      A tail cap switch allows you to mash the switch and have the light come on at its full intensity. When you release the switch, it will go off. Lights that require complicated sequences of button pushes, bezel twists, and other fine-motor manipulation are too difficult to operate in the stress of a violent encounter. 
    • (battery and charger not included)
    • Adjustable wrist Lanyard
    • Spare O-rings
    • Spare tailcap
    • 3-way holster
    • 2-way pocket clip
    • Tactical ring
    • Instruction sheet